If I did not train at an IABT school, but I did complete the foundation trainings and attained RCST® status, is there a way for me to become BCST?

Currently BCST applicants must have the sponsorship of an IABT school in order to obtain BCST, because the status implies responsibility for that student from that school. To pursue this pathway, contact an IABT school because they each have individual processes to deal with this situation.

Is liability insurance available through IABT?

For liability insurance information, contact your school. Generally insurance comes from third-party providers, and the school will know options in your region.

Does BCST have renewal requirements?

BCST is based on an academic model, not a practice-regulation model. BCST is similar to an academic credential that does not have to be renewed, upgraded or maintained via continuing qualifying activity.

Does IABT have a head office and staff?

There is no head office or staff. IABT operates in as decentralized a structure as possible. The schools are operationally autonomous. Policy is developed by the IABT Council of Schools, and implemented by individual schools.

Who governs IABT and how does it operate?

IABT is governed by its Council of Schools, including one representative from each organization. Council decisions are reached by consensus. IABT is not incorporated. Meetings are held periodically but business is conducted mainly electronically, via email and teleconference.

Are there curriculum differences between the schools?

Yes, each school has authority to operate autonomously within the general guidelines. When choosing a school, prospective students are advised to research the options carefully and ask this question to the individual school.

Does IABT have ongoing support activities such as supervision, continuing education, post-graduate training and related programs?

These all come from the individual schools, not a central organization. The designation ABD (Advanced Biodynamic Practitioner) is available to recognize completion of post-graduate training of 300 additional hours.

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IABT Affiliated Schools

  • Craniosacral Biodynamics with Franklyn Sills & The Karuna Institute (Devon, England)
  • Colorado School of Energy Studies (Boulder, Colorado, USA)
  • Shea Educational Group (Jupiter Beach, Florida, USA)
  • Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (London, England)
  • Da-Sein Institut (Winterthur, Switzerland)
  • International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing® (Bremgarten/Bern, Switzerland)
  • LifeShapes Biodynamic Craniosacral Training (San Diego, California, USA)
  • Body Intelligence Training (Eudio, Queensland, Australia)
  • heilsame Präsenz - Schule für Craniosacrale Biodynamik (Bielefeld, Germany)
  • Reliantie Instituut Benelux (Wevelgem, Belgium)
  • Wiener Schule für Craniosacrale Biodynamik (Vienna, Austria)