Embodied Mindfulness and Experiential Neuroscience

December 9, 2017 – December 10, 2017 all-day
Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust
Skylight Centre
London Borough of Islington
Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust

Embodied Mindfulness and Experiential Neuroscience – at Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust

This workshop will explore mindfulness in its embodied expression, associated brain dynamics and the effects on physical, emotional and psychological health. Participants will learn Craniosacral skills from the perspective of developments within neuroscience and the practice of mindfulness. New verbal and hands-on skills will be taught that promote awareness in the practitioner and client, support mindfulness of the body, encourage a pro-active and resilient approach to our core health, help resolve symptoms and promote clients’ responses to treatment. We will learn the neural dynamics of three main mind modes: mindless emoting, conceptualisation/doing and mindfulness/being. We will identify how they shape our body-mind relationship, cognitive function and emotional expression, and will then explore through table work their manifestations in the body and mind.

Speaker: Candice Marro B.C.S.T. and Dr. Elena Antonova


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