Living Anatomy (Multi-Module Event) @ Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust - Skylight Center,
Jan 27 – Jan 28 all-day

Living Anatomy

This interactive and experiential course is open to all and has a commitment to learning that is both informative and enjoyable. It is taught in the format of eight weekend seminars and is particularly suitable for those with little or no prior experience who wish to study Craniosacral Therapy or other complementary therapies. Fully accredited by the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists.

Participants must attend all modules in this series.

Speakers: Sarah Nesling B.Sc., M.A., R.C.S.T., B.C.S.T. and Anne Stevens S.R.P, M.C.S.T., R.C.S.T., B.C.S.Tand Jo Coole R.C.S.T., B.C.S.T.