Advanced Biodynamic Training: Follow the Footprints of the Tide @ Key Creek Lavender Farm Valley Center, CA
Apr 2 – Apr 5 all-day


Teacher: Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin

In this advanced biodynamic training Bhadrena is presenting new insights and recent developments in her biodynamic teachings.

The research in working with systems that show unusual and challenging dynamics let her and her partner Kavi Gemin develop an approach, which allows to work biodynamically, no matter, if motion is present or not.

The ability to work on an essential soul level with people that are neither able to settle and shift to wholeness, nor access primary respiration or dynamic stillness allows the practitioner to expand the practice to a new level.

What we as biodynamic craniosacral practitioners deeply know and practice: A biodynamic craniosacral practitioner refines the therapeutic competences to recognize and cooperate with the forces of the Tide. We will practically explore the implications of this skill.

The Tide lays down the basics for Health by laying down the information of the original matrix for the human being. It contributes to the formation of the body from the first moments of life. It is the force, which supports the development and allows the growth of the individual. It guides us as biodynamic practitioners through the treatment and leads the unfolding of the treatment plan.

During the session, we rely on the involuntary rhythmic motion of the system and support the expression of primary respiration with its beneficial and regulatory cycles. The Tide offers a clear baseline for evaluation of the expression of the Health in the system.

This information plays a fundamental role in the development of the session. Ideally we surrender to the intention of the Tide and its guidance. We follow the potency of the Tide, which is free to move and initiates the therapeutic process towards Health, wholeness, more regulation and integration.

The Tide has formed, shaped and developed the embryo and it constantly regulates its function. The morphology and the shape of the body in present time reveal its footprints.

We can recognize the action of potency within the dynamics of the structures, and can read and follow the signs of the Tide as the path to reconnect with the forces of Health.

We have several skills to recognize the footprints of the tide: knowledge of anatomy, embryology, physiology, biodynamic understanding, refined perception and an attitude, which fosters safety in the relationship. Offering a kind presence and the ability to be with the process moment by moment, leads to new learnings and integration on a neurobiological level. Thanks to the practitioner’s faculty of perception and discernment, the Tide becomes the guide for the treatment.

What do we do, when the guidance of the Tide is veiled and its presence not apparent? Sometimes we meet a system, in which the vitality has been dampened, potency is lowered and it is unable to support the body in expressing coherent and steady cycles of primary respiration.

Exhaustion, frailty, processes of transition, overwhelming situations, trauma, shock and toxicity in the system all affect the ability of the body to respond to primary respiration and to express its motion.

When the system is turned down and off, so that is not capable anymore to express vitality, it is essential to develop tools to cooperate with the Breath of Life, even when the Tide doesn’t seem to be present or cannot manifest.

In this course, such skills will be introduced together with specific evaluation and treatment tools. A protocol will be established to give us more clarity and continuity in perception of the treatment process.

Interpersonal neurobiology frames the approach into a bigger field, creating safety, fostering curiosity, supporting new learnings and deeper integration.

We will explore ways to ally with the inherent intelligence of the system, which acts as a silent partner and a guide for the orientation and maintenance of the expression of health in the individual.

Teacher: Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin, MA, BCST, RCST, PPNP, SEP Bhadrena has been working in the field of Human Growth and Healing Arts as a therapist and educator since 1976. Born in Switzerland, she was educated as a teacher and psychologist, lived and trained in the USA and worked internationally as a lecturer and teacher for over 30 years. Her work has been informed by the early Human Potential Movement, Gestalt Therapy, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Meditation, Trauma Resolution, Pre- and Perinatal Therapy, Diamond Logos Teachings and Systems-Centered Therapy. She teaches Craniosacral Trainings since 1986 and has been essential in developing and spreading the method internationally. Her Institute ICSB, International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing® is accredited by the state of Switzerland to educate complementary therapists.


$450 – Workshop

$729 – Lodging and Meals (3 meals per day plus coffee and tea throughout the day)

$1179 – Total fees

A deposit of $200.- until March 10 is needed to secure a space.